College students love sitting in groups and pretending to study.
Exploration. Discovery. Debt.

Cards Against Humanity is sending you off to college in style with our new Back to School Bundle! It's got everything you need for the best four years of your life. Five if you're an idiot.

The Back to School Bundle includes a copy of Cards Against Humanity 2.0 (expanded and updated with over 150 new cards), the new 30–card College Pack, a protractor for your studies, a sexy poster for your dorm room, and more!

College is a time of discovery and experimentation. Why don't you experiment with taking out your wallet and buying this product?

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The Back to School Bundle includes everything you need to succeed:

A copy of Cards Against Humanity 2.0

Freshman year is the perfect time to reinvent your shitty personality. And that's what we've done with the latest edition of Cards Against Humanity. We expanded the game to 600 cards and updated it for 2017 with over 150 incredible new jokes like “Diversity,” “Dick pics,” and “The arrival of the pizza.” We also added some jokes about our dumb asshole president.

The College Pack

Break out these 30 new Cards Against Humanity cards and your floormates will love you. You might have sex.

A Dorm Poster

Someone spots this bad boy on your wall, and you might have sex.

A Protractor

As Pythagoras famously said, “If I ever figure out this god damn triangle, I'm definitely getting laid.”

A Cards Against Humanity–branded dental dam

A Dental Dam

We're not sure what this does.

One student handing a Cards Against Humanity–branded condom to another student

A Condom

Put it on a penis!

A laptop with a sticker that says “Student debt.”

A Laptop Sticker

Slap this baby on your laptop, and you might have sex.

Pick Your Major

I am the future. I plan to study:

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Available in the US only.

You can also buy the College Pack, and CAH 2.0 individually on our store.

Asked Questions

What is this?
This is our new Back to School Bundle, a desperate attempt to sell games to college students. It's got the brand-new Cards Against Humanity 2.0 plus a bunch of bullshit that we think will appeal to your demographic.
Wait…WTF is Cards Against Humanity 2.0?
It's the latest and best edition of Cards Against Humanity! We've expanded the game from 550 to 600 cards and replaced over 150 outdated jokes. If your deck is feeling old and stale, now is the time to upgrade.
I don't want the whole bundle. Can I just buy Cards Against Humanity 2.0?
Yes. Go here.
I don't live in the US. Can I get the Back to School Bundle?
No. Sorry. On the bright side, at least you don't live in the US.
I'm not a college student. Should I buy this bundle?
Remember when you were in college and ate ramen noodles and had sex all the time? Wouldn't it be great to relive those glory days?
I'm doing a semester abroad this spring, probably in Barcelona.
No one cares.
Can I just get the College Pack by itself? I don't want the other garbage.
You can buy the College Pack by itself for $7.
Do you know oral herpes can become genital herpes?
I was promised pizza if I attended this event.
Did you guys want to know how many beers fit into a Frisbee?
The answer is five. Unbelievable.

From the creators of Cards Against Humanity.

Photography by Brent Knepper.